UnoCardio Fish Oil
UnoCardio Fish Oil
UnoCardio Fish Oil
UnoCardio Fish Oil
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UnoCardio Fish Oil

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The most powerful 90% Omega-3 fish oil

Highest 90% triglyceride (r'TG) form exeptional purity

Highest 90% omega-3 as 90% Triglyceride (rtg) form ideal for adults and adolescents who don’t like swallowing capsules. So easy!

90% 高純度Omega-3液體魚油

90%高純度搭配 (r'TG) 形成高效的吸收能力


Discover how economical and easy to use our unique UnoCardio® Omega-3 Fish Oil is. Test and compare with other fish oils. Our fish oils are sourced via certified sustainable fishing methods from the world’s cleanest waters. Unocardio Fish oils are extra purified and concentrated up to 90% omega-3 via a cold and environment friendly technology. Natural antioxidants as mixed tocopheroles and rosemary extracts are added to retain the oil's unique freshness and potency. Thanks to its 90% TRIGLYCERIDE (rTG) concentration your body will absorb the EPA and DHA fatty acids from the fish oil extremely quickly and efficiently. Each 1/2 teaspoon of UnoCardio Fish Oil provides an amazing high dose of 2165 mg of omega-3s, including 1970 mg EPA and DHA, which support heart, brain and vision.

通过低温和环保技术提取omega-3 含量高达 90%。
90% 以上高纯度 搭配 (rTG) 结构高效吸收,让身体快速有效地从鱼油中吸收EPA 和 DHA 。
UnoCardio 鱼油半茶匙为 2165 毫克以上,包括11700毫克 EPA 和800毫克的 DHA,养护心脏、大脑和视力。 


Benefits of EPA and DHA


EPA and DHA (at least 250 mg EPA+DHA /d) help to keep the heart functioning well, while DHA (at least 250 mg/d) also contributes to maintaining optimal brain function and good vision. EPA and DHA also help you maintain normal blood pressure and TRIGLYCERIDE (rTG) levels that are both already within the normal range.**
** With respectively 3 g and 2 g EPA+DHA per day.

EPA和DHA(至少250毫克EPA+DHA /天)有助於保持心臟良好運作,
而 DHA(至少 250 毫克/天)是可以讓大腦和視力處於最佳的狀態。
EPA 和 DHA 共同發揮作用可以幫助您穩壓降脂,保持在正常範圍內。


Also recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women


If a pregnant or breastfeeding woman consumes an extra portion of 200 mg DHA each day, in addition to her daily intake of 250 mg EPA+DHA, the DHA will contribute to the development of the eyes and brain of the foetus or infant. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid, which is passed on to the baby during pregnancy and later via breast milk.




  • Optimum bioavailability thanks to 90% omega-3 and 90% TRIGLYCERIDE (rTG) form

                       Highest Purity

          Certified from sustainable fisheries

  • Suitable for pesco-vegetarians
  • Natural orange flavour
  • Gluten-free - lactose-free
  • No fishy taste or smell
  • Cold and Environmentally Friendly Extraction Technology
  • 90%高純度Omega-3,重構甘油三酯(rTG)形式,高吸收率



  • 由IFOS第三方檢測認證純度,五星高品質
  • 無填物或粘合劑,不含牛肉明膠
  • 天然橙味、無魚腥味、無麩質 、無乳糖


Suggested use for adults and adolescents


As a dietary supplement take half (1/2) teaspoon once daily with food, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Best taken with a meal rich in fatty foods such as yoghurt, foods containing olive oil or other fats. The daily serving of EPA+DHA should not exceed 5 g.



Allergy info


Do NOT take when allergic to fish.

Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a Varied and balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.





Refrigerate once opened and preferably consume within 45 days, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of small children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



Additional information


100 ml – 40 Servings