Jo Wyckmans

In Europe Mr. Wyckmans was considered the ‘Omega-3 pioneer’ – in fact, the Dutch press even refers to him as the ‘Omega man’. In 1999, he published the book ‘Healthy on the Inside, Beautiful on the Outside’. Over the past 15 years, he has been involved in many studies that demonstrate the importance of Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) in the diet. 



Founded by Mr. Wyckmans at Belgium, Nutrogenics produces the most unique, environment friendly Omega supplements under the brand “WHC”. The supplements have been selected with a focus on the highest possible quality, purity and safety coupled with optimum composition and eco-management standards.

UnoCardio 1000

Purest and most efficient Omega-3

Support for heart, brain and muscle function, vision, immune system and bone structure. UnoCardio® contains no less than 1150 mg of Omega-3 in a natural form of rTG to promote better absorption.

Quattro Cardio

Provide best nutrient all in one

Exclusive & fourfold top formula for men and women over 35 years. QuattroCardio contains four unique nutrient all in one package. 100 mg CoQ10 + 860mg Omega-3 + 1000IU Vitamin D3 + 90mcg Vitamin K2


Reduce signs of aging from inside

Skin Nutraceuticals Antioxidants for men & women. O'HISA contains 100% natural herbal ingredients that not only improve your outer beauty, but also have a positive impact on your immune system and blood fats.

Active Mind

Keep mind sharp and eyes bright

Active Mind does not only have a high concentration of easily absorbable omega-3 fish oil, but also contains an impressive amount of other nutrients: six B-vitamins, vitamin D3, selenium, ginseng, lutein and zeaxanthin.


Bring your child a bright future

Contains four powerful nutrients for growing children, with the easily absorbable omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and vitamin D3. In addition, this complex includes evening primrose oil and phosphatidylserine.

UnoCardio X2

Best pure Omega-3 gets even better

A powerful fish oil providing over 93% or 1200 mg pure omega-3: 600 mg EPA and 495 mg DHA per softgel. The highest omega-3 fish oil concentrate and exceptional purity in the most easily absorbed form.


Ingenious Omegas for women

B-Hada means ‘beautiful skin’ in Japanese. It is also a unique complex with highly concentrated borage oil (GLA), organic sea buckthorn oil (omega-7) and extremely high concentrated fish oil (omega-3).


The precious Matcha from Japan

For the connoisseur of green tea it is preferable to source organic green teas from Japan, even where the organic Matcha has become very rare. It not only tastes good, but also contains polyphenols to keep your health.


Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level

Newest generation of potent red yeast rice (minimum 90% hydroxy-acid form), helps you to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and is combined with antioxidants hydroxytyrosol (as dry extract from olive fruit) and astaxanthin (from microalgae).

Caring beyond yourself


InReady is WHC exclusive distributor in Hong Kong.


InReady provides the best quality health products in a simple way.


InReady is based in HK.  Just online, and we are everywhere.

Simplify Channel >> Give Most Value

Buy from InReady means buy from wholesaler. We avoid traditional marketing & operation cost as much as we can, so that you can get the best product at an attractive price.

Client Love!

I've been taking the supplement daily more often right after lunchtime rather than dinner time. I've noticed a decrease in tiredness and increase in alertness. Compared to what I deal with on a daily basis, this difference is noticeable for me and was able to cut one of my prescribed medications for alertness in half.

Pain that I have had in my neck and right arm/hand have decreased significantly. Although I have never had a blood test for a deficiency, I do not eat fish nor anything that would be close to enough nutritionally for me. I believe this supplement does what it states and isn't filled with "filler" or "junk". Also changed to 5 stars because of this.

~ Amber Lynn

I'm so tired of sorting through all the fake reviews for supplements. I was even hesitant to believe the good reviews for this product but I'm glad I did. I definitely notice a change in my mood when I forget to take it. When comparing it to my Mom's highly rated Omega product we found that she would have to take four pills of her product to match one pill of this. Lastly the LabDoor/Consumer Reports testing results make me even more confident in its quality and thus my willingness to put in the effort to recommend it.

~ Elles Belle

I've been trying different brands of omega-3 in the past, but none has satisfied my life style: I avoid taking anything I regard as artificial on principle. However, I read an article in consumers test report showing UnoCardio 1000 is very pure and highly concentrated , no trace of contaminants in the deep sea unlike many others, etc. I was interested and started to take it a couple of moths ago.

Since then, I feel active in many aspects of my life, feeling better every day. I think it's because my body function is helped by this product which extracts omega-3 in the most natural form from the deep sea and also added quality triglycerydes fo good absorption into the body system. Its container in a blister pack gives me confidence of continuing to use it and its great to know this is produced by the most environmental friendly method. Also 1000 mg capsule is a very convenient for me. I take one in the morning, and sometimes another one in the evening, depending on the activities of the day. It's just fit for my my life style. Sound mind may keep a good body, but it must also be true that omega's physical strength keeps my spirit.

~ Golders Lego