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UnoCardio 1000+Vitamin D高純度深海魚油60粒

UnoCardio 1000+Vitamin D高純度深海魚油60粒

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UnoCardio 1000選用秘魯智利深海野生小魚採用rTG結構,純度高達95%更易吸收每一粒Omega-31200毫克32科學EPA/DHA比例搭配VitaminD3保護血管骨骼提高自身免疫力擁有IFOS檢測報告PTP板式包裝衛生便攜

UnoCardio 1000 adopts Peru Chile deep-sea wild fish, rTG structure, purity up to 95%, easy to absorb. Each capsule contains 1200 mg of Omega-3. 3:2 scientific EPA/DHA ratio, with VitaminD3, protects blood vessels and bones, and improves autoimmunity. With IFOS test report, PTP plate packaging, hygiene and portable.

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