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CholeRice ChoLive
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Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels

50% More Red Yeast Rice Extract


Red yeast rice has been fermented with a yeast called Monascus purpureus, which gives it a characteristic reddish purple colour. It has been used in China and Japan for centuries as an ingredient to season, preserve or colour food. Red yeast rice naturally contains monacolin K, a precious nutrient similar to statins - the most commonly prescribed cholesterol lowering drug. Several scientific studies have shown that a minimum of 10 mg of monacolin K per day is a natural alternative to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


紅曲米中含有莫納可林 K,類似一種常在降膽固醇藥物中出現的一個成分-他汀
多項科學研究表明,每天至少 10 毫克的莫納可林 K 的攝入,是可以維持健康膽固醇水平的天然替代品。


Monacolin K in minimum 80% Hydroxy-Acid Form

羥基酸形式的莫納可林 K

Monacolin K comes in two molecular forms: lactone and hydroxy-acid. Monacolin K in its 80% hydroxy- acid form has a tremendous advantage, as it does not need to be converted in your body and is immediately active - it is the most potent form to help you lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. There still is another benefit: monacolin K in hydroxy-acid form allows your body to fully use the available amount of coenzyme Q10 present in your cells or supplied by food. So with CholeRice + ChoLive you do not need to take extra coenzyme Q10, whereas monacolin K in lactone form does not offer this advantage.

Monacolin K 有兩種分子形式:內酯和羥基酸。
80% 羥基酸形式的莫納可林 K 有巨大的優勢,因為它不需要在您的體內轉化並且立即被激活——它是幫助您降低「壞」膽固醇的最有效形式。
還有另一個好處:羥基酸形式的莫納可林 K 可幫助身體形成輔酶 Q10 。
因此,使用 【CholeRice + ChoLive】您無需服用額外的輔酶 Q10,而內酯形式的莫納可林 K 則沒有這種優勢。


6X more Olive Extract

 6 倍以上橄欖提取物

We enhanced this top quality red yeast rice with special polyphenols from olive fruit - mainly hydroxytyrosol. This superb olive fruit extract acts as an antioxidant and protects the blood lipids, especially the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol, against oxidative stress. This beneficial effect occurs with a daily dose of minimum 5 mg hydroxytyrosol or 20 g (about 22 ml) high quality olive oil. CholeRice + ChoLive contains no less than 30 mg hydroxytyrosol, corresponding to a daily use of van 120 g (or 132 ml) olive oil.

我們用橄欖果實中的特殊多酚(主要是羥基酪醇)增強了優質紅曲米,這種極好的橄欖果提取物可作為抗氧化劑並保護血脂,尤其是「壞」低密度脂蛋白膽固醇,防止氧化應激。這種效果需要每天至少 5 毫克羥基酪醇或 20 克(約 22 毫升)優質橄欖油的劑量下。【CholeRice + ChoLive】 含有不少於 30 毫克的羥基酪醇,相當於每天使用 120 克(或 132 毫升)橄欖油。


With extra Astaxanthin


Astaxanthin is another substance that works as an antioxidant in nature. It is a carotenoid and a natural pinkish red colourant found in certain fish, shrimp, crustaceans and microalgae.




One capsule contains:

  • 205 mg Fermented Red Rice with 10 mg Monacolin K
  • 156 mg Olive Leaf Extract with 30 mg Hydroxytyrosol
  • 3 mg astaxanthin
  • free of citrinin
  • no synthetic colourants
  • no added flavors
  • no gluten, no lactose
  • 100% vegetarian



  • 205 毫克發酵紅曲米
  • 10 毫克莫納可林 K
  • 156毫克橄欖葉提取物
  • 30毫克羥基酪醇
  • 3毫克蝦青素
  • 100%素食,無檸檬素、無合成著色劑、不含麩質和乳糖。


Directions of use for Adults


One capsule per day, best taken with evening diner or according to your health professional's advice. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



Other Guidelines


Store in cool (max. 25°C) and dry conditions, away from direct light. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of small children. Food supplements cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.



Additional Information


Pack: 60 vegetarian capsules

包装: 医药级包装  每盒:60粒